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Individual Yoga Therapy Sessions

Individual Sessions for Teens & Preteens 

With her warm, welcoming presence, Leigh establishes a safe, supportive environment where you are seen, heard and recognized just as you are.   After assessing your strengths, unique abilities, and areas of potential growth, Leigh helps you explore the stressors in your life and anything causing you to feel out of balance.  This begins with re-establishing a connection with the body.  Using music and movement, she encourages you to notice and feel sensations in your body with curiosity.  You’ll start to notice habits, patterns, areas of tension, and ease. Leigh helps you work through movements to establish patterns that bring you to a place of peace and balance both internally and externally.  


Leigh incorporates games, art, journaling, music, sound, time in nature, essential oils, dance, and improvisation.  Finding what works best for you is the essence of this process. Leigh equips you with tools to feel at home in your skin and to deepen your connection with your heart.  Most importantly, she helps you incorporate these tools into your everyday life.  At the end of each session, Leigh offers you a brief “take away” practice to be done at home or school.


Sessions are typically 75 minutes long and located in the comfort of your own home, Leigh's home studio, at the Mill Yoga studio in Exeter or via zoom.

Client / 

Ages 12-18


Cost / 

Click here


Length / 

75 Minutes


Location / 

Client's choice

"Having a consistent time each week devoted to clearing my mind was definitely reassuring and positive.  I didn’t feel any dread admitting to the fact that things were on my mind and I needed help. "

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