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Children Ages 8-12 years old

Yoga Therapy for Children (8-12)

Children's sessions are typically between 30-60 minutes and focus on tools and strategies for self-regulation of emotions and behavior and to improve concentration skills and self-soothing.  Leigh discusses individual needs and goals with parents ahead of time and then meets with the child to address these areas. Sessions include mindfulness and yoga through games and interactive play, and start with fun, silly movement to let go of excess energy.  Leigh guides the session into a relaxed, down-regulated state to allow children to notice their energy levels and learn to self-regulate in their everyday life.  They have fun while learning powerful skills and habits for life!

  • Games (Yoga freeze, Yogi Says, the Dice Game, Silly Walking)

  • Reading Stories

  • Dancing/Music

  • 5 Senses in Nature

  • Creative Guided Visualizations

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Nature Walks

  • Journaling/Poetry

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30-60 Mins

"Mrs. Sloss is relaxing and soothing." 

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