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Teens and PreTeens

Small Group Yoga Therapy 

Humans are social creatures by nature and need to feel a sense of belonging and connection. These group classes encourage communal support and camaraderie in a welcoming, supportive environment. Classes are kept small so individual needs are addressed within the group setting. The pace of these group sessions is tailored to support and promote a learning environment for all participants. The goal is to empower teens to proactively deal with the stressors found in school, home, social situations and life.

Themes for these classes may include:

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Stress Reduction

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • Embodied Centering Techniques to use in the Real World

  • Yoga Therapy for Relaxation

  • Yoga Therapy for Creativity

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Teen & Preteens -Small groups


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"Leigh was very insightful, and explained many of the yoga poses and the attributes that they provide for the mind and the body. She also provided different levels for students to challenge themselves."

Yoga Class
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